sex can be amazing, life enhancing, life changing - it can also leave us feeling hollow, scared or confused…and we are often left to make sense of it without any support at all

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Lud Allen, Sexologist

I have personally worked with Craig as a Sexual Health and Relationships educator for many years. Craig has a deep and passionate drive to encourage a positive sexual health culture. As an Educator he is warm and engaging and knowledgeable. As a practitioner Craig provides a safe and warm space that encourages clients to grow and explore. Craig is extremely suitable for this role.


it's good for you!

Naomi Hutchings, Clinical Sexologist

Through years of working with people Craig has developed exceptional skills and the ability to work with people from a variety of diverse backgrounds. He is able to build a good rapport with people quite quickly. He is very open to critiquing his ‍‍‍own work and good at reflecting on feedback. He is vocal about acknowledging his cis white male privilege and continuously works at dismantling these and other unequal systems in the workplace and society in general.


‍‍‍Lyn Sutton, Sexual Hea‍‍‍lth Counsellor

Thanks so much Craig for the start of something very exciting. I am totally sure that clients will benefit from your professional know‍‍‍ledge and service you provide.

I have known and worked with Craig for over 15 years. As a colleague I was impressed with his passion for educati‍‍‍on, social justice and the safety of his clients. I have witnessed an ability to teach and support others in all areas of relationships. He is a clear thinker with a gentle approach to helping and supporting others.




people positive is...

sex positive is...



sex and relations‍‍‍hip education

freedom from shame, fear and guilt

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our sexuality is much more than sex – it's a complex mix of our experiences, our culture, our bodies, our relationships with ourselves, each other and the world


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Rae Birch, Team Leader

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