'playnice' because...

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...too many folks aren’t 'playing nice' – sexual, relationship, domestic and family violence is out of control and a shame on our community. prejudice and discrimination is pushing people to the point of not wanting to live…no one wins ‍‍‍

...our relationships with ourselves, each other and the world are vital for working out who we are - relating is what life is all about !  

...we are often told to play nice but not shown what that actually means

...sex is often talked about in negative consequence and fear based ways but it's important to remember the 'play' element and that sex and relationships can also enhance our health and wellbeing

the name 'playnice' originated on a home made shirt after a conversation with a friend about what message we wanted to put out there - this was as positive and simple as i could get

hi my name’s Craig Murray, founder and educator for playnice sex and relationship education. i am a passionate advocate of healthy relationships as a means to enhance wellbeing, build resilience and increase safety within the community.

since 1997 i have worked across a range of community service sectors including community health, disability, drug and alcohol, education, employment, mental health and youth. fourteen of those years were as a community health worker delivering community and professional education for the lead sexual health agency in South Australia, SHine SA (Sexual Health, information, networking and education. South Australia)

as well as my work at SHine i have provided training and case management services for a number of quality organisations including Tafe SA, Bedford Industries and Barkuma Training

‍‍‍meet a playnice educator…






i am currently writing my next book - it's all about trauma, brains, bodies and relationships - exciting stuff!

apart from my work in the community I have also done some work in the security sector, been a gardener and occasionally fix up 1970’s Holdens for fun

in 2017 i started playnice sex and relationship education            so here we are…what’s next?

playnice operates from Gawler‍‍‍ to Goolwa,

we are open monday-friday 9-5

work outside of these times and regions can be negotiated

the original 'playnice' shirt ...on camp 200‍‍‍7

in 2006 Allen and Unwin approached me to write a book on sex and sexuality aimed at young men aged sixteen and over. Sexpectations:boy, was published in july 2011 – flip it over for Sexpectations:girl written by Leissa Pitts

playnice provides a range of sex and relationship services

our process

sex and relationship education can seem a bit daunting but we try and make it as simple as possible

first we connect to discuss your requirements and make sure ‍‍‍we can meet your needs

we'll then prepare and deliver a program tailored to your request

and finally evaluate to make sure your needs have been met

our website, workshops and staff were all created on Kaurna Land

including education, mentoring and consultancy

privacy info

safety info

Craig Murray is a member of the Society of Australian Sexologists and adheres to the Society’s Code of Ethics and Practice. to find out more, go to societyaustraliansexologists.org.au