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‍‍‍‍‍‍playnic‍‍‍e operates from Gawler to Goolwa

work outside of the region can be negotiated

dad stuff for ‍‍‍dads, dads to-be, step dads, grand dads and folks in a fathering role. becoming a dad, dealing with our own dads, changing ideas of fatherhood. being a 'strong male role model'. when your kids are grown up and talking with their mates – what do you want them to say about you and what do you have to do now to make that happen?

tailor made sex and relationship education programs for parents, families and ‍‍‍carers

co-parenting / step parenting & blended families managing multiple and sometimes conflicting relationships and responsibilities. providing a voice for everyone

prote‍‍‍ctive behaviours for you and your family supporting your children to stay safe, creating support networks‍‍‍ of safe adults and places, establishing a culture and language of respect

talking with your kids about sex and relationship stuff ‍‍‍the benefits of talking and the costs of not talking, timing your talk, age appropriate information, everyday learning opportunities, strategies for minimising shame, fear and guilt. what young people say they want to hear from the people looking after them and what they don’t want to hear about. resources avail‍‍‍able in the community

puberty - a whole family approach changing bodies, emotions, roles in the family and wider world – exciting and terrifying times!!!

the what, how & why of puberty

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education sessions can be 1:1, for couples, small or large groups

people under 18 require parent or carer permission to participate

sessions can be tailor made from the topics listed or contact playnice to discuss your request

time is negotiable - 1 hour, half or whole days, one off or weekly programs available

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