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body image your body is your connection to the world. making friends with your body, body image‍‍‍ and wellbeing. body image throughout history. who’s to gain from you feeling bad and is there such a thing as healthy media?

for you          

topi‍‍‍cs aimed at your relationship with your self

body awareness aw‍‍‍areness of our body and how it works can help us connect to ourselves and other people, read social cues, establish safety and develop empathy. one of the biggest steps in recognising other people’s emotions is to recognise our own – how does your body feel at the moment? what does your body language say to the people around you?

communication sticks and stones may break my bones but words…can make me feel pretty bad, what are we trying to say and is it getting through? how do we communicate ‘love’? common communicati‍‍‍on breakdowns and breakthroughs. working with conflict - compassion, empathy, safety

jealousy how does jealousy impact a relationship? jealousy is a self-fulfilling and self-defeating prophecy, gets you the exact opposite of what you want yet it’s still a common relationship roadblock, sometimes seems to be a natural state but what’s the alternative? noticing, naming and taking responsibility for our jealousy. if we can learn jealousy - can we also learn compassion, security and compersion?‍‍‍

man/masculinities stuff * ideas of being a ‘real man’ are still pretty strong – what are the 'MANRULES' and do you really have to follow them…and is it all bad or is it ok if you follow some but not all? and what if you don’t like cars or sport or believe in ‘MANRULES’ at all? what if your body breaks the rules? some of the messages we get as guys are healthy but some can put us and the people around us at risk. but here’s the good news – they are made up rules so we can make up new rules! redefine a strength that comes from sharing power not dominating everyone else – and do it proud

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education sessions can be 1:1, for couples, small or large groups

people under 18 require parent or carer permission to participate

sessions can be tailor made from the topics listed or contact playnice to discuss your request

time is negotiable - 1 hour, half or whole days, one off or weekly programs available

sexual self-esteem sexual self-esteem means feeling good about your sexual self. this includes body pride, sex pride and confidence in you, your skills, knowledge and attitudes. it can be a big part of your relationship with yourself. esteemable acts,‍‍‍ ‍‍‍ethical sex and relationships, free from shame fear and guilt

single again!!! ok you are over your last relationship, mostly, and you are ready to embrace a new relationship…now what? a relationship is like sleep – you can’t just make it happen but you can create the environment where it’s more likely to happen. being single - pride, benefits and discrimination. preparing your sexual health tool kit (and your social emotional mental physical health tool kits too). working with hopes, fears and expectations. renegotiating your own boundaries. sex and relationships online. safer sex refresher – freedom from shame, fear and guilt

for you and other people topics aimed at your relationships with other people

‍‍‍for you and the world topics aimed at your relationship with community, society & the wider world

The Mask You Live In - trailer this is an American doco - see what you think - does it apply to Australian guys?

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