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connection and belonging isolation can increase our vulnerability and impact greatly on‍‍‍ our health. whether you have moved to a new area or lost connection due to relationship breakdown or illness, it’s easy to become isolated. it can seem impossible to connect with a new community. explore local and online resources. identify barriers, strategies and opportunities to re-connect or make your community more welcoming of its new and existing members

you and the world topics aimed at your relationship with community,‍‍‍ s‍‍‍ociety & the wider world

celebrating sex, sexual and gender diversity history, herstory and theirstory. heroes of sex, sexual and gender diversity…and now you! social change and human rights. all ways - always. pride and the problem with acceptance & tolerance. the benefits of sex, sexual and gender diversity                  

normal and other harmful fairy tales from body shapes to desires, sexual be‍‍‍haviours to gender binaries we are plagued by the tyranny of normal – many of us trying to be normal or avoid normal at all costs. we often disregard our own and others lived experience in favour of the mythical normal. when it‍‍‍ comes to sex and relationships -what are the myths and the realities, what are the costs and how can we minimize the damage of normal?

relationship violence (sexual, domestic and family violence) violence hurts us all; relationship violence is the largely unspoken shame of our community. this silence helps to protect perpetrators of violence and keep survivors as victims, isolated and vulnerable to further abuse. this is an intensely private issue which is a public crisis. what we can do about violence at an individual, family or community level - from reviewing our own values, attitudes and behaviours to a whole community approach to addressing violence across our lifespan. what are your local resources? if you are experiencing relationship violence (past or present) please know that you are not alone, there is help available - please contact 1800RESPECT or the Domestic Violence & Aboriginal Family Violence Gateway Service 180‍‍‍0 800 098

sex and relationship media literacy what messages are advertisers or producers of sex and relationship content (including playnice) trying to get across? how do they want you to think, feel and act – what’s in it for them (us)? how does media affect our brains, behaviours and relationships? media has always played a part in sex and relationship education, the internet has brought the ‍‍‍worl‍‍‍d - so what are the benefits and dangers of the online environment? understanding the media we access greatly reduces our vulnerability and understanding the media we create greatly increases our impact. if you don’t like existing media – make your own – what messages do you want to get across?

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education sessions can be 1:1, for couples, small or large groups

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time is negotiable - 1 hour, half or whole days, one off or weekly programs available

sex positivity often sex and relationship education only tackles the negative things that can happen but it’s important to remember that sex can be a healthy, natural and healing part of life. our attitudes to sex and relationships can affect our health and wellbeing. you don’t have to be sexual to be sex positive – just support other people’s right to do their sex their way. sex positive has a strong emphasis on ethics, negotiation and informed consent

for you topics aimed at your relationship with your self

for you and other people topics aimed at your relationships with other people

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