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playnice operates from Gawler to Goolwa

work outside of the region can be negotiated

ethical sex and relationships ethics are our guiding morals or principles but what is ethical sex and relationships? how are our ethics shaped by our values and beliefs which then in turn inform our attitudes and behaviours? what are the benefits of ethical sex? exploring our ethics and ethical dilemmas, negotiating ethics within a relationship

for you and other people topics aimed at your relationships with other people

ending a relationship break ups suck - compassion for all, establishing your support network, negotiating grief and loss, learning from your relationship - post traumatic growth, renegotiating the relationship – staying ‘friends’? celebrating the relationship, keeping safe  

negotiating boundaries negotiating cultural, social, physical and emotional boundaries are part of all relationships, negotiating sexual boundaries is a whole other level – what are the laws (non-negotiable boundaries), the lore, your cultural and personal rules? when it comes to sex and relationships – what’s ok, what’s not ok and what’s a maybe? creating a safe space to negotiate boundaries

relationship maintenance when the excitement of a new relationship wears off we often start to question the relationship because ‘it’s just not the same’ – and it’s not, you have left the honeymoon period‍‍‍. many relationships end here and that’s ok but if you decide to continue, ‍‍‍how do you keep it going? what is the importance of time together time apart? understanding the stages of relationships (new relationship energy & re-energizing). maintaining a variety of relationships – partners, friends, family, and colleagues. balancing commitments. dealing with conflict

talking with your partner about sex and relationships the sometimes tricky but always worthwhile discussion to clarify sex and relationship boundaries, ethics, hopes and fears. communication across different stages of a relationship - the dance, shared language, and the dangerous fantasy of mind reading. barriers to talking with your partner. negotiating shame fear and guilt in conversation

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education sessions can be 1:1, for couples, small or large groups

people under 18 require parent or carer permission to participate

sessions can be tailor made from the topics listed or contact playnice to discuss your request

time is negotiable - 1 hour, half or whole days, one off o‍‍‍r weekly programs available

violence, trauma, brains, bodies and love past trauma can impact greatly on our brains, bodies and relationships, leaving us in very adult situations thinking, feeling and acting in very childlike ways…it can be confusing for our partners if they haven’t experienced trauma - and terrifying if they have. if you knew about your partner’s trauma, their triggers and coping strategies – would you change your behaviour? what steps would you take to avoid or reduce the impact of trauma?

for you topics aimed at your relationship with your self

for you and the world topics aimed at your relationsh‍‍‍ip with community,‍‍‍ society & the wider world

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