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Kim Thomson Jewellery

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apart from being beautifully made, Kim's use of recycled material and sustainable design principles highlight the importance of ethics in our everyday lives....a great example of an artist playing nice

her w‍‍‍or‍‍‍k reminds me of our relationships and complex connections to the world around us...






 playing nice...  

...fruitful and lush


...confusing or scary

playing nice can mean a lot of things - to us it means sex and relationships that have a core of care and compassion for ourselves and the folks we have sex and / or relate with‍‍‍‍‍‍

playnice is proud to be a South Australian business - we reckon SA is HEAPS GOOD too

thanks to these amazing artists for

playing nice and donating their images...

its not all about sex ! we have many different relationships - lovers, friends, family, work, our relationship with ourselves and the world around us - there's lots ‍‍‍of opportunities to play nice

playing nice is win/win !‍‍‍

have your say...what does playing nice mean to you?

thanks to Screamdance for the use of their iconic South Australian image made famous by the HEAPS GOOD  t-shirt & hoodies available through Urban Cow Studios, now at shop 6, 10 Vaughan Place, Adelaide or online