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safer sex‍‍‍

why ‘safer’ not ‘safe’ and what are we attempting to keep safe from?

safer sex is sex that helps to minimize the risk of unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted infect‍‍‍ions and then there’s the big three – shame, fear and guilt







the ‍‍‍basics

sex and gender have always been flexible - there is plenty of evidence across time and culture, it’s written in our stories and our bodies…there are many demonstrations of sex and gender but rigid enforcement of extreme either/or versi‍‍‍ons damage us all

sex & ge‍‍‍nders


our sexuality is much more than sex - not just what we do but who we are. it is a core part of us from birth to death yet can change dramatically across our lifespan. what makes up our unique experience of sexuality?

sexual heal‍‍‍th

how does our sexual health connect with our mental, emotional, social, spiritual, cultural and physical health?

what are the health benefits of sexual expression?


negotiating healthy relationships. what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy and what can you do if you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship? tips for starting, maintaining or ending a relationship        ...and next steps

what are pronouns?